Popularity Of Vaporizers In 2018

Why are Vaporizers so popular?

Vaporizers have been gaining popularity among the common public for a long time, for a number of reasons. The e-cigarette variety of vaporizers, that emulates smoking without its harmful compounds or at the very least, with the compounds greatly reduced, has helped thousands of smoking addicts lessen, or kick their habit.

The vaporizers which heat and extract herbal vapors for medicinal purposes are also much preferred over ordinary joints/bongs because of the fact that they produce very little harmful compounds, which are inherent to smoking. This difference in how vapor and smoking affect the health of the user lies in their mechanism – smoking burns the herbs which produces toxic pollutants, whereas vaporizing heats the herb and produces vapors, which do not contain any of the pollutants caused by combustion.

Vaporizing does not have the hazard of second hand smoke either – so you can do it in public places without fear of disapproval or reproach.

Vaporizers, particularly the hand held ones, are much more aesthetically appealing than ordinary cigarettes/joints. They lend the user an air of uniqueness, which further contributes to their growing popularity.

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