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The MVX Pen Vaporizer has been highly acclaimed as a positive advancement in portable vaporization technology. Through the combining of cutting edge technology with feedback from customers and herbalists alike, we have engineered a product that provides what the aromatherapy community has been lacking.

MVX Pen Vaporizer

We began with the lithium-ion battery which needed to be rechargeable and compact and specifically designed to work with the MVX Pen Vaporizer. Our goal was to engineer the MVX Pen in such a way that just the right amount of power was transferred to the MVX Tank in order to reach the ideal temperature for effectively vaporizing the essential oils.

Our intention was to create the MVX Vaporizer Pen so that the personal practice of aromatherapy could be both discreet and convenient.

We also made the MVX Pen Vaporizer user-friendly and with a minimum amount of detachable pieces so that it is easy to break down by removing the mouthpiece, fill, reassemble and use immediately for aromatherapy regimens. The battery comes charged out of the box so you can enjoy a vaporized hit within minutes of receiving your pen.

We also designed the MVX Tank with the vaporizing of essential oils in mind since they are becoming the popular go-to alternative. Important criteria such as weight, temperature, consistency, and average density were used in constructing a system whereby ingredients are vaporized rather than combusted.


There are two reasons for preferring vaporization over combustion. For one, the harmful toxins found in the smoke created through combustion are eliminated. Secondly, since oils are heated and vaporized prior to the combustion point, the produced vapor is both cooler and smoother and, therefore, more enjoyable when inhaled.

We are proud to offer the MVX Vaporizer Pen as a part of your daily health regiment since we strongly value the quality of life. Our MVX Pen Vaporizer with its cutting edge Tank design is healthier (vaporization over combustion), user-friendly, effective, convenient and discreet so that you can raise your quality of life through an occasional “vape”. If you haven’t tried the MVX, we encourage you to join our family in the ear to ear healthy smiles.

Note: This product is designed to be used with oils and other concentrates. Herbs should never be used.

What You Receive:

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Tool
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 2 Containers for Essential Oil

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